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We offer global solutions for the outsourcing of technical assistance services (Help Desk), managing Contact Centers through multi-channel platforms (telephone, e-mail, live chat, sms, social networks).
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Our solution

High FCR
First Call Resolution, we comply with the standards that the company establishes. We are experts in knowing how to manage the SLA‘s established by our clients. Within all established brands, the FCR is one of our priorities to meet. Exceeding the expectations of our clients' consumers allows us to increase the loyalty index.
Quality service
The management and development of SLA‘s make agents committed to service. We have specialized training for each sector. Each employee acts as the company that defends its brand. By means of exhaustive controls we have our own tools to be able to manage the quality of the services we offer.
We offer technical service in all the channels you can imagine. We have been offering this service since 1992. We have gone from using fax, in our beginnings, to adapt to the technological world in which we live. We have implemented state-of-the-art technology in our services that allows us to optimise all management channels in technical support.
Thanks to our infrastructure and human support, together with the internationality of the MST group, allows us to offer services or any type of customer from anywhere in the world. We currently have native agents in England, Germany, France, Holland or Spain.
MST services in the HVAC Industry
Help Desk / Technical support
1st level / 2nd level / 2nd advanced level
Breakdown reporting
Overhaul notifications
Renewal of contracts and extension of warranties
Coordination of own and third party technical service schedules
Set up, configuration and installation of equipment and services
Claims service
Notifications of revisions
Cross selling
Up selling
Customer loyalty
Incident resolution
Product information
Tariff and commercial information
Installation support
Coordination of installation and maintenance schedules
Technical service notification
Technical information service
24-hour / Emergency
Alarm center
Spare parts ordering and service
Preventive maintenance
User training
Remote assistance
Satisfaction surveys