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Customer Service

Multi-channel and multilingual customer service solutions that generate unique experiences between the company and its customers. We help you build customer loyalty and maintain a more profitable interaction with your customers. In short, our combination of people, services and technology allows us to offer you a program of the highest quality in customer service.
Experience Experience
Efficiency Efficiency
Innovation Innovation
Specialization Specialization
Ahorro de costes Cost savings
Multichannel Multichannel

Our Solution

With 27 years as a multichannel and multilingual back office service provider. Our experience guarantees efficiency and reduction of errors by using the latest technology and a team specialized in these tasks.
Technology (Chatbots, VA)
MST has the latest technology in Chatbots, Virtual Assistant and RPA's. Achieving operational excellence for greater efficiency and therefore a reduction in costs.
Knowledge Center
it is our center of services of start-up, attention and education of new technologies and automated channels. Our goal is the implementation of automated solutions (RPA), adapting to the service of our customers we achieve cost savings and profits.
The MST group has more than 1000 positions, distributed in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Andorra, London and New York. Thanks to the human team, we can manage a large volume of Customer Care Services. We are prepared and qualified for everything.
We have our own tools to manage the quality of Back Office tasks, our "C3 Standard", the eAlicia tool and Speech Analytics solutions. Thus we can see in real time the quality of the service offered.
The MST system allows you to manage service through different channels: Email, Chat, Social Media, Web Form, Automated Channels such as Chatbot, IVR with natural language, SMS, Telephone.
What includes?
Customer service
Attention to the user
Logistics management
Web Support
Registration of services
24 hour services
Subscriber Support
Incident management
Advice on products and services