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Back Office

Maximum efficiency

Latest technology + specialized equipment = Maximum efficiency

Our combination of specialized equipment, services and technology allows us to offer you the highest quality Back Office service. We take care of the whole process from 0 to 100 through different channels. We use new RPA technologies for greater efficiency, minimizing errors and increasing speed in management. We help our customers to improve their productivity and customer experience by optimizing the maximum available resources. We have specific solutions adapted to the customer's life cycle.
Eficiencia Efficiency
Tecnología Technology
Customer experience Customer experience
Especialización Specialization
Ahorro de costes Cost savings

Our Solution

We have been service providers in multichannel and multilingual Back Office for more than 25 years. Our experience guarantees efficiency and error reduction thanks to the use of the latest technology and specialized equipment in the sector.
Technology (Chatbots, VA)
We have the latest technology in Chatbots and Virtual Assistant. Fundamental pillars in today's Back Office services. It allows us to reduce complaints and claims, in addition to improving the experience of employees
We integrate personal with know-how and experience in Back Office management together with specialized technology. We increase efficiency and guarantee high quality in all our services.
We have our own tools to manage the quality of Back Office tasks, our "C3 Standard", the eAlicia tool and Speech Analytics solutions. Thus we can see in real time the quality of the service offered.
What includes?
Order management
Registration of services
Document Management
Management of tickets, passes...
Data Verification
Contract Management