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Centre of services for the implementation, care and education of new technologies and automated channels. Composed of a multidisciplinary team expert in the treatment of chatbots, IA, app, web, FAQ’s and natural language. Our goal is the implementation of solutions in all channels that combine self-service and assisted service, adapting to the service of our customers to improve the customer experience and increase profitability.
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Our Solutions

With 27 years in the Contact Center market, MST has expert personnel in Customer Service services and a team with three years of experience in start-up projects, education and attention to automated channels based on Chatbots, Voicebot, Virtual Agent, IVR natural language, social media, app, web.
C3 Digital is the strategic business consulting firm that is part of MST Holding. Expert in providing and implementing solutions for new customer service technologies. It combines the knowledge of experienced personnel in customer service with the best partners in digital solutions.
Thanks to our automation and self-service solutions we are able to increase productivity and efficiency in customer service services with consequent cost savings. In a project year, we achieve an event reduction close to 30% and a resolution level of 99% by chatbots, voicebots and intelligent assistant.
The MST system allows managing service through different channels: Email, Chat, Social Media, Web Form, Automated Channels such as Chatbot, IVR with natural language, SMS, Telephone.
What includes?
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