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I'm José Luis Domingo,
Director of the National Unit


Chatbot / RPA / AI

Omnicanality and innovation

MST is a specialized provider with tools and technological solutions (Chatbot, IA, RPA, NLP,...) that accelerate sales rates and customer satisfaction, as well as agents with customer experience and qualified in the insurance sector with digital capabilities and omnicanal management.
Flexibility Flexibility
Omnicanal Omnicanal
Innovation - IBM Innovation - IBM
Cost savings Cost savings
Customer experience Customer Experience

Our Solution

We have been accompanying companies in their evolution for more than 25 years. Commitment to SLA compliance and event reduction. Major accounts have witnessed our solution.
Technology (Chatbots, VA)
We have the latest technology in Chatbots and Virtual Assistant. Fundamental pillars in today's customer service. It allows a reduction of calls and improves the customer experience.
Knowledge Center
The K.C. is a service center of start-up, attention, education of new technologies and automated channels. We reduce the volume of calls from our customers, adapting to the service of our customers we get to save costs and make profits.
Service levels
We increase service levels in order to be leaders in Customer Experience. We are experts in NPS metrics and STIGA EQUIPMENT to assess the level of service and increase the values of KPIs.
We have our own tools to manage the quality of our clients' service, our "C3 Standard", the eAlicia tool and Speech Analytics Solutions. In this way we can see in real time the quality of the service offered.
We make contact with the customer so that they can choose the best way of communication. This results in a better customer experience. MST allows to give service in different channels Telephone, Email, SMS, Chat, Social Media, Web Form, Automated Channels like Chatbot, IVR with natural language.
What includes?
Roadside Assistance
Household Multi-assistance
Attention to the mediator
Cross – Selling
Back office management
Declaration of claims
Arrangements for visits
New conditions Campaigns
Satisfaction surveys