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I'm Jessica Barceló,
Director of the International Unit


Maximum resolution through better technology.

Specialisation and Innovation

Experts in multi-channel and multi-language Customer and Technical Support services, with 27 years experience. With innovative Customer Service technologies and our customer-centric strategy, we increase results in First Contact Resolution and customer loyalty, and we reduce costs with increased efficiency and productivity. We help our clients to enhance their services.
High FCR High FCR
Multi-channel Multi-channel
Innovation Innovation
Costs savings Costs savings
Customer experience Customer Experience

Our Solution

With 27 years as a provider of multilingual and multichannel technical support services to leading companies and multinationals, we are experts in creating an exceptional Customer Experience with high resolution rates with the first call.
MST Electronics is the expert Technical Support service provider within the MST Group. We obtain high First Contact Resolution rates by bringing together specialist technology and personnel with know-how and technical support experience. We increase efficiency and we guarantee high quality service.
Technology (Chatbots, VA)
MST utilises the latest technology in Chatbots, Virtual Assistants and RPAs. Achieving operational excellence by increasing efficiency and thus a Reduction in Costs.
Knowledge Center
Our commissioning, support and education services centre for new technologies and automated channels. Our goal is to reduce our clients’ call volumes, adapting the service in order to benefit our clients and generate cost savings.
We use our own proprietary tools to manage both the quality of the service given and its perception by our customers: our ‘C3 Standard’, the tool of eAlicia, and Speech Analytics Solutions. In this way we can see in real time the quality provided by the service.
the MST system allows us to offer services across multiple channels: telephone, email, SMS, social media, web forms, as well as automated channels such as Chatbots and Natural Language IVR.
What includes?
1st and 2nd level technical support
Customer Service Centres
Installation support
Alarm monitoring centres
Fault reporting
24 hour, 7 days a week services