MST`s new Technology Partner

According to statistics, sales and online support are increasing in Spain, even though there is no real-time assistance during the purchaseprocess.


From MST we are aware of this change of consumer habits and the importance of the customer experience as the new marketing. That is why we have incorporated into our services a multi-channel solution (chat, videochat, rsss, whatsapp, messenger, click to call, click to chat) and multi language with a leading technology that allows us to customize the rules of attention according to the segmentation that we we want.

Give a human touch to the online. We have to listen to what customers want, the chat is a personalized model and more comfortable than the phone, through the chat we can solve any questions or doubts that arise and start a real-time distance conversation. Agents are available to answer any questions from anywhere.

Advantages we have found in MST chat integration:

• Easy installation.

• Customizable design.

• Proactive Chat.

• Monitoring of visitors.

Increased loyalty and customer satisfaction ratings:

• Establishing a closer relationship with customers: creating loyalty and trust. Statistics indicate that visitors who maintain a chat are 20% more likely to return.

• Increased browsing time: Visitors who use the chat usually surf the web more than 3 times.

• Improved customer service: when answering complicated questions, the agent may request more assistance from his / her colleagues without the client noticing.

Lowest cost per customer

• From the chat you can attend several users at the same time, that is, chat operators can advise 3 or more customers at the same time.

• Quality controls can be reviewed: continuous checks of the way service teams provide support by simply reviewing the history.

• No extra cost: only charged per event and cost is gradually scalable.