5 indicators to decide your Contact Center provider

Choosing a contact center provider for our customer services is not a simple task, there is always the question if it is a good idea to outsource such an important and responsible part of the client to an external company. We are assailed by doubts such as: will they know how to convey the core of the company? Will they put themselves in the client's shoes? What kind of control process are we going to have? It is true, when we choose a contact center provider, we have many challenges, from MST Holding we want to make a small practical guide about the most important aspects in this process.


1.The Accessibility A good Contact Center has to be available to attend his clients interactions, in this type of services the interactions are essential for the activity (we want flow without any problem) ... and this relationship must be so over time. Many times the providers are very attentive at first but as time goes by they stop answering the calls, they do not explain why a problem occurred, etc ... In MST this is one of the most relevant factors. Our commitment to specialized services and value added make us maintain a close relationship with our customers, integrating them in the team so they are up to date with everything that happens during the process.

2.Training Services are not static, they are varying according to needs, results, resources and objectives. Through the process changes it is important that the person in charge of the service is able to adapt as needs vary. That is why we say that giving a single initial training to supervisor, who must then replicate what has been learned to his team, is insufficient. In addition it must have tools and a fluid communication to adapt the service to the specific needs in each moment. In MST we are responsible for the training of the supervisors and also the agents. Not only we have internal promotion programs that guarantee the complete training of agents. But we also follow a plan with continuous sessions of training and improvement of the services they manage.

3. Feedback The services of customers management, suppliers or sales channels that are managed in the contact center services are the nexus of contact between them and the Client. So collecting the feedback and information becomes relevant information not only for the improvement of the processes, but also can provide valuable information for departments or processes that do not compete with the contracted BPO company In MST we believe in the open dialogue to know the relevant information to making a decision. All these important information can only be provided by our agents' listens and can serve for better. For this, we have processes and measures that guarantee the inclusion of this information in qualitative reports and meetings with clients, constituting an integrated service with the company, blurring the border between the supplier and the Client to the maximum.

4. Listening It is important have access to the listeners in real time. That at any time, and from an application, you can enter to the Contact Center system to listen the agent communications have with customers. In MST we have the right technology to send the recordings to our clients. The advanced platforms not only allow you to listen the live call, but also to watch the agent's work screen, so that you can see exactly what data you are uploading, what sequence you are requesting, if you lose information, skipped steps , In short if the work is done well.

5. Reports When we try for an outsourcing company it`s obvious that we lose some control of the service. The definition of KPI's of service is one of the key factors that will guarantee us the correct supervision of the service. The quantitative reports will provide us the necessary data for supervision, but the added value will only be found in the qualitative and quality reports or CX. MST stands out for a correct definition of quantitative KPIs in real time, which can be consulted online from the MST portal. On the other hand, qualitative reports are defined in regular meetings with customers, and are also live reports that are adapted according to the needs of client has at each moment and that are defined in strategic sessions.

Surely many miss the main factor to choice a contact center in Spain, the Price. It is true, today it is one of the main factors, and to obviate it was a way of emphasizing that the price (hour / fte / event etc.) that we can negotiate with a contact center will respond to the scope of its proposal. The price is not that one of the points of the triangle: Price, reach, time. Due to this emerged the outshore in countries like South America, Morocco in the outsourcing of Spanish services, or even Spain in the outsourcing of pan-European services. MST in this sense has opened a delegation in Andorra, where we can outsource maintaining values, quality and technology at a more competitive price. A nearshore quality model.