How to achieve success in our Contact Center by optimizing three elements

In recent years Contact Centers have experienced the phenomenon of omnicanality, thanks to the advance of new technologies applied to their management. Productivity is the percentage that marks the success and quality of the service, here the importance of aligning people, tools and KPI`s for a successful sale.


Today, the voice channel tends to decline because the digital transformation and interaction through new channels, all of this makes the customer experience the key differentiator. To ensure success, three elements must be taken into account:

1. Agents and their power over the customer experience.

Agents are the voice of company, they must be motivation to exercise their work in the best possible way. Giving them responsibility is an important key to reducing the high percentage of turnover that these jobs usually have and at the same time improving the customer experience. Agents with more experience in their work offer a better customer experience.

2. The automation of processes.

The automation of the processes gives us the following benefits and the creation of a bbdd of incidents and processes to follow facilitates the resolution and decreases the TMO.

• Greater flexibility allowing better adaptation to changes.

• Options for integrating and compiling information from different sectors and incidents of the service.

• Conduct the efforts within the company in order to bring the plan up to date in the pursuit of the proposed objectives.

• The ability to fully track processes automatically.

• Accept alternative paths through the transformation of activities using the technology focused on the indicated processes.

• Reduction of costs in the near future, since the incorporation of technology of last generation, allows a maintenance and integration much easier.

• Reduction of BMT and improvement of the client's experience.

3. How to use KPIs

It is important to establish appropriate KPI`s for each process and thus be able to quantify the performance of each service as they serve as an element of improvement. KPIs can tell us how the customer's access to the call center, the number of agents needed to provide an efficient service and how comparatively the service is compared to the competition. Effectiveness in first call resolution (FCR) has a major impact on customer satisfaction. In this way, it is considered that for every 1% improvement in the First Call Resolution (FCR), a 1% improvement in customer satisfaction is obtained. The response time and level of service help us to manage the services and the customer experience in the best way. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important indicators for any contact center. Studies have revealed a direct correlation between criticism and customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, corporate income, andagent performance.