European Overview

The dramatic growth of the Contact Center industry is a world-wide phenomenon, fueled by advances in information technologies and the precipitous decline in the costs of voice and data transmission over the last two decades. As part of this global industry, Contact Centers in Europe have experienced spectacular growth in the last ten years.
























The refore and since 2012, we have launched the concept of a European Contact Center Benchmark with the ambition to purvey the European Contact Center market with its first comprehensive over view. The economic weight of the sector is estimated as being at least 69 billion Euro (last year 67.7 b €).

The importance of the sector in the labor market on the other hand is easier substantiate: the 3.85 mil jobs in the sector account 1.15 % of the active population. United Kingdom remains by far the biggest CC market in Europe, followed by the other big countries. The top four remains unchanged with France showing for the second year a significant loss in term of employment (-8,07%). The growth in the UK has even reinforced that lead. The Netherlands and Sweden punch above their relative economic weight as they maintain a bigger CC penetration.