Customer service keys on eCommerce platforms

We analyze the success factors of the management of User Experience in eCommerce and how to manage the seasonal points as Christmas campaigns, BlackFriday or CiberMonday among others.



ECommerce: A booming sector

It is estimated that online shopping grows 10% each year, this upward trend in ecommerce suppose a very strong revenues for all those companies that sell online and is the channel with the highest market growth. The management of the Customer Experience plays a fundamental role for any ecommerce.
The upward trend in ecommerce, it is estimated that internet shopping grows each year, it is already one of the most relevant and growing sectors in the market.


Multi-channel and Customer Experience

In the offline world when a customer is in a store to buy a product, there is a salesman to inform, help and resolve any doubts that may arise ... This support, helped the sales conversion and user satisfaction. In the online world, usability and customer service are likewise the best lever for increasing sales and customer experience.

A good multi-channel support, or chat process, assisted navigation, or click-to-call can become key tools to reduce abandonment of the shopping cart. Today is a important factor of conversion in eccomerce. It should be remembered that there is an abandonment rate of more than 80% in online shopping.

On the other hand, the fast response of interactions is important. The process of buying online is fast and with many options, so that re-attracting the customer to our website will be much more expensive with remarketing campaigns than with a good response on time..

Statistics say that most people who come to customer service do it because they have a question about the status of the order, the price of the invoice or server failures, avoiding these types of errors is the first step to ensure consumer confidence.

In order to be able to manage a large number of interactions without triggering the costs of customer service, it will be necessary to create protocols, that is, catalog each of the incidents and create response processes with certain deadlines. So we do not need to respond as quickly to a process of change as a problem with the payment gateway. This discrimination will allow us to adjust the dimensioning of customer service personnel.


The seasonality of ecommerce

Finally, another of main factors in the management of ecommerce customers is to have a structure prepared to deal with the great seasonality of the sector in days or seasons of summer or promotion. Online sales peaks usually increase by 20% on dates as black friday, cybermonday or the holiday season, for example. And if it is not possible to have a flexible structure, it is important to work with your contact center provider an overflow service to manage these seasonal campaigns with the same Quality and Customer Experience as during the rest of the year. Sales depend on that.

The experience that years in the world of Contact Center give us an effective action plan during these points of work. For good results, we must control the volume of calls but also take into account the degree of satisfaction of our customers. In online sales, a bad decision can mean losing a customer forever. Moreover, if the complaint management has been very bad, it will probably be a long time before that person returns to make an online purchase, the mistrust he generates is very difficult to reverse.

From MST we believe that the customer service is an important factor of buying decision, a greater availability and quick response in the communication channels will make the clients have more confidence and security. The general data shows that the abandonment of the purchase can be reduced by almost 30% if you have a customer care and management service prepared for the ecommerce world.